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 Esther #6 Macrocodes in Esther Part 2 by Chuck Missler

Topic: Esther
Description: Macrocodes are hidden codes within a body of information that are encrypted within over a wide section of the information, within the Word of God they are better known as types. Dr Missler puts forward the argument that the book of Esther is not only a facinating and dramatic narrative but is also as story of our own redemption. The book starts with the king (who represents our soulish nature) and his fall and seperation from the queen (the spiritual side), but the king searches out a another queen and is united with her, unknown to him though is that the new queen Esther is a child of adoption to Mordecai the Jew (who represents the Spirit of God). Haman and his sons represent the flesh and the works of the flesh respectively, interestingly the meanings of each of Hamans sons names is a different attribute of the fallen nature of man, whether indepence or self righeousness etc. Using the types that Dr Missler puts forward we have to ask who rules within us, is it Haman (the flesh) or Mordecai (the Spirit). Interestingly the king is unaware of Haman's true intent until he is exposed by the Esther, Haman is deposed and later put to death, as the flesh must be as the flesh can perform many 'godly' works but will never surrender as long as we are this side of eternity, and Mordecai given rule of the empire. Who rules in our hearts?
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