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 Esther #5 Macrocodes in Esther Part 1 by Chuck Missler

Topic: Esther
Description: The name Esther means 'something hidden', Martin Luther argues that the book should be removed from the canon of scripture and one of his main reasons was that the book doesn't even mention the name of the Lord, but Luther was wrong because Esther does mention the name of God it's just encoded in the text. The Bible is full of different codes from equadistant letter sequences to macrocodes, the Word of God has depth which can never be fathomed, the interesting point about some of the codes is that encoded words are always found in passages where the plain text bears some relevence to the encoded word, a phenomenon which is unique to the Bible. The Hebrew name for Jesus, Y'shua is found in the Old testament over 5,500 times including all major messianic prophecies and even to the extent in Isaiah 53 encoded in the text is 'Yshua is my name'. Incredible! Another interesting point is the title Pilate wrote and placed on the cross above the Lord 'Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews' where in Hebrew the first letter of each word spells 'YHWH' the unutterable name of God that He revealed to Moses. Definitiely a message for anyone interested in Bible codes.
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