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Audio Sermons : Jim Cymbala :  Calling On The Name Of The Lord

 Calling On The Name Of The Lord by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Prayer
Scripture(s): Genesis 4:25-26  
Description: His clear cut call to really understanding the true nature of Christian life is that it must be lived in prayer. He shows from the beginning of the bible to the end God has gathered apart a people to Himself that would 'call upon His name'. Be challanged, convicted and changed as you listen to this message, it has been a turning point for my life and many others also that I personally know. I believe this message was preached at Jack Hayford's church. The quality isn't the best and the second half of the sermon is missing but its worth the listen.
Sermon Comments (5)

 The Lord is good! 
Once again, Pastor Cymbala brings home the important point of prayer. I have been hearing his sermons for most of my life and am very thankful of the way the Lord uses him. The honor and glory be to God. Every time that I hear his testimony of his daughter it touches me, being a parent myself. The Lord truly is great!! God bless you! Danny Rodriguez

This is a wonderful message reminding us of the amazing priviliedge to call on the name of the Lord.

 Refreshing Message 
This message certainly has a breath of fresh wind and fire. A definate standout amongst other messages.

Wow! No greater truth has been spoken in recent years. A must hear for the church.

 Powerful.. and Sombering.. 
This message has been a message that I have listened to many time and has impacted me in a GREAT way! What really gets to me is Cymbala's burden is so strong and some things he says are of utmost reality and sombering truth but the reaction of the stupified people is laughter. At many points he re-tells the people he is serious, we can't accept these things its hard to swallow but its a message that has to be proclaimed.

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