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 Speak for Yourself. A Challenge! by C. H. Spurgeon

Scripture(s): John 9:21  
Description: DELIVERED BY C. H. SPURGEON, AT THE METROPOLITAN TABERNACLE, NEWINGTON. “He is of age; ask him: he shall speak for himself.”-John 9:21 THOSE of you, dear friends, who were present this morning will remember that our subject was “Jesus Christ himself.” We dwelt upon his blessed person. Our faith is fixed on him; our affections are drawn to him; our hopes all bend toward him. Though everything he said or did is precious, yet Jesus himself stands first in our estimation. To know him, to believe him, to love him, is the very essence of our Christianity. Tonight we change our theme. There is a “himself” in our text this evening- a “himself” ‘tis true of a much humbler order. How stand we each one for himself? Our individuality and the personal responsibilities which fall upon ourselves in reference to Christ must not be lost sight of. If, for instance, a spiritual miracle has been wrought upon us, if we are obliged to confess-nay, if we are delighted to confess-that he has opened our eyes, then we are bound, especially those of us who are of ripe understanding, who may be said to be of full age, we are bound to bear our own personal testimony to him. The allegation and the appeal may alike apply to each one of us, “He is of age; ask him: he shall speak for himself.” Jesus Christ himself bore our sins, as we heard this morning. He gave himself for us, he served us, not by proxy, but by personal consecration; not by alms doled out pitifully, but by his life surrendered...
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