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 Calvinism Abases Man by L.R. Shelton

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 Calvinism Abases Man 
I listened to this and I say AMEN, I believe that L.R. Shelton was a real man of God, a true gospel preacher. The lost man in or out of the church will not like to hear this Brother because he preaches the truth more truthful than anyone else that I have listened to on this site or sermonindex site. We are in a faminine of hearing the word of God (Amos chapter 8 )that's why men make professions of faith, but never saved and never changed. We are in a day of false preacher's and false doctrine's. If you have not the Spirit of Jesus you are none of His.(Romans 8 ) Brother Shelton expounds what calvinism really is, most men today don't know the difference between arminianism and calvinism- Do so research and listen to a real preacher. May God give you Light, Greg Salyers

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