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 The Defeated Father by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Father
Scripture(s): 2 Samuel 8-13  
Description: Emanuel Esh examines principles from the life of King David, how externally he had many victories but suffered various defeats in his home life--a loss of discernment and authority. Esh drives home the importance of parents (particularly the father) drawing clear boundaries and being firm and consistent. In a society where children often rule the home, this is a sober warning of the consequences of parental neglect in the lives of children in years to come--when it may be too late.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Sober teaching and extremely helpful for fathers 
I highly recommend this sermon, as it is an extremely practical teaching about a father's authority in the home. It is a little "slow" in the beginning, but good points drawn from David's life which Esh will bring many powerful principles later on. It has a revival flavor to it, as it offers defeated fathers help in restoring God-ordained order back in the home (but more about how to prevent failure in the future). Some of the principles have stuck with me now a year later and have been really a great help to establish godly authority now in preparation when my children get older.

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