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 The Cry From Hell by David Legge

Topic: Hell
Scripture(s): Luke 16:27-28  
Description: There is a Cry that eminates from the very pit of Hell that can be summed up in 2 words, 'Send!.. lest'. Those that are eternally damned cry that God would Send believers out into the harvest, Lest their own loved ones should join them in the pit. Pastor Legge shows how we need to have a deep compassion for the world around us.a dn also how we need to travail in prayer with almighty God until we prevail. the question remians do we have the 'Ear of faith' to hear the Cry from Hell?

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Sermon Comments (6)

 Are we travailing for souls for Christ?! 
Yah... nowadays Christianities save own skin. The prophets of old and even Lord Jesus Christ save others' soul. So much for quickly lining up in healing ministries nowadays. May everyone of us hear that horrendous cry from the depth of hell and preach the gospel of the kingdom of God!

 This does move tears and compassion 
Wow, what a message, and did I need it. This does bring tears, so do listen to it; this is a life-changing cry to hear in your heart.

 A Heart Wrenching Sermon 
This sermon gave me a burden to preach the gospel and warn sinners and believers of the reality of hell.

 Life Changer 
This cry not only comes from hell, but from God, he searches for a man to stand the gap, to pray, but also to GO, warn men! of their wicked way because Christ deserves the reward and glory of His suffering, and if we could all hear that cry, the one of our lost family and friends that have died and gone to Hell, pleading with us to wake up!, and plead with those who are still alive, oh just as serious as is is for the lost to have a revelation of the cross, we as christians need a revelation of hell, Will you Obey JESUS?!

 What will move us? 
This message has "reality" stamped all over it. Listen to it over and over again till you "do" hear that cry from hell. Can not you hear it right now dear saint? Do not sit at ease in Zion don't dampen that cry. "Tell tell tell them about hell, not to come here, oh please tell them... (a cry from a damned soul from hell)."

 Not All of You Will Hear That Cry 
I have gathered a collection of around 50+ audio sermons on Hell by godly preachers. This one is by far one of the most convicting ones. It's a short message. "I know that not all of you will hear that cry this morning, but I pray that one or two will hear it... I wonder is there anyone here that wants to hear that cry."

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