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Audio Sermons : Duncan Campbell :  Is the Lord among us

 Is the Lord among us by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Consecration
Scripture(s): Exodus 17:5-16  
Description: "We all have our Amalek," Campbell says, but how do we react to hell's engagement? Starting with a personal testimony seeing first hand the warfare of the devil in a crowded farmhouse packed with sinners seeking salvation, he segues into the vital necessity of character before God--clean hands and a pure heart. Campbell repeatedly warns against the overemphasis of man in modern evangelism, hymns and even one's own consecration, pleading for God to be all in all.
Sermon Comments (3)

 I agree with "drvic" comment 
We need a pure heart, and reality in our Christian life... Not big heads but changed hearts, power & purity.

 Gripping examples of living faith 
I really enjoyed Campbell's recollection of events he eye-witnessed that illustrate the verses he is teaching from. The testimony of the crowded farmhouse with sinners calling on God and the warfare that occurred in the Spirit as enlightening as it is fascinating. I love the one he shared about young Donald MacPhail leading a 'communist, an atheist of the deepest dye' to Christ, to make the point about us being transmitters of God's glory. He also told a gripping account of 7 men who prayed just prior to a bloody engagement in France in the first World War, showing how slavish fear is worthless in 'repentance'.

Oh, for meetings like this one preached by D. Campbell.

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