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John Bunyan's Grave

John Bunyan's Grave

Description: But again; set the case, the faith was only his, as it was not, and that it reached to the doctrine of forgiveness, yet it did it without respect to righteousness in himself; for guilt lay still upon him, he had now his sins forgiven him. But this act of grace was a surprisal; it was unlooked for. 'I am found of them that sought me not' (Isa 65:1). They came for one thing, he gave them another; they came for a cure upon his body, but, to their amazement, he cured first his soul. 'Thy sins are forgiven thee.' Besides, to have his sins forgiven betokeneth an act of grace; but grace and works as to this are opposite (Rom 11:6). Therefore 'men are justified from the curse, in the sight of God, while sinners in themselves.'

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