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The Antichrist by Arthur W. Pink

2. He will be an oratorical genius

In Dan.7:20 we are told that he has |a mouth that spake very great things.| As a wizard of words he will surpass Demosthenes. Here also will the Devil imitate that One |who spake as never man spake.| The people were |astonished| at Christ's doctrine (Matt.7:28), and said |Whence hath this man this wisdom?| (Matt.13:54). So will it be with this daring counterfeiter: he will have a mouth speaking very great things. He will have a perfect command and flow of language. His oratory will not only gain attention but command respect. Rev.13:2 declares that his mouth is |as the mouth of a lion| which is a symbolic expression telling of the majesty and awe producing effects of his voice. The voice of the lion excels that of any other beast. So the Antichrist will out rival orators ancient and modern.
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