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The Antichrist by Arthur W. Pink

15. Son of the Morning

|How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer, son of the Morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations| (Isa.14:12). |Lucifer| is a Latin word which signifies the |morning star.| |All the ancient versions and all the Rabbins make the word a noun denoting the bright one, or, more specifically, bright star, or according to the ancients more specifically still, the Morning Star or harbinger of daylight| (Dr. J. A. Alexander). This term |Lucifer| has been commonly regarded as one of the names of Satan, and what is here said of the Morning Star is viewed as describing his apostasy. Against this interpretation we have nothing to say, except to remark that we are satisfied it does not exhaust this remarkable scripture. A detailed exposition must be reserved for a later chapter. Sufficient now to point out that however Isa.14 may look back to the distant past when, through pride, Satan fell from his original estate, it most evidently looks forward to a coming day and gives another picture of the Antichrist. In this same passage |Lucifer| is termed |the Man that did make the earth to tremble| (v.16), and in his blasphemous boast |I will be like the Most High| (v.14), we have no difficulty in identifying him with the Man of Sin of 2 Thess.2:3, 4. The force of this particular title |Morning Star| is seen by comparing it with Rev.22:16, where we learn that this is one of the titles of the God-man. The |Morning Star| speaks of Christ coming to usher in the great Day of rest for the earth. In blasphemous travesty of this Satan will send forth the mock messiah to usher in a false millennium.
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