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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

590. S. M. Doddridge. The Pilgrim's Hymn.

1 Now let our voices join,
To form one pleasant song:
Ye pilgrims in God's holy way,
With music pass along!

2 How straight the path appears,
How open and how fair!
No lurking snares to entrap our feet,
No fierce destroyer there!

3 But flowers of paradise
In rich profusion spring;
The sun of hope shines on our path,
And dear companions sing.

4 All glory to His name,
Who drew the shining trace;
To Him who leads the wanderers on,
And cheers them with His grace.

5 Subdue the nations, Lord!
Teach all their kings Thy ways;
That earth's full choir the notes may swell,
And heaven resound the praise.

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