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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

548. 7 & 6s. M. Montgomery. In Time of Tribulation.

1 In time of tribulation,
Hear, Lord, our earnest cries;
With humble supplication
To Thee the spirit flies.

2 Remembered songs of gladness,
Through night's lone silence brought,
Strike notes of deepest sadness,
And stir desponding thought.

3 Hath God cast off forever?
Can time His truth impair?
His tender mercy never
Shall we presume to share?

4 Hath He His loving-kindness
Shut up in bitter wrath?
No! it is human blindness,
That cannot see His path.

5 We'll call to recollection
The years of Thy right hand,
And, strong in Thy protection,
Again through Faith we stand.

6 Thy way is in great waters,
Thy footsteps are not known;
But let earth's sons and daughters
Confide in Thee alone!

7 Through the wild sea Thou leddest
Thy chosen flock of yore;
Still on the wave thou treadest,
And Thy redeemed pass o'er.

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