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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

425. L. M. * The Children of the Cross.

1 Thou Lord of Hosts, whose guiding hand
Hast brought us here, before Thy face,
Our spirits wait for Thy command,
Our silent hearts implore Thy peace!

2 Those spirits lay their noblest powers,
As offerings, on Thy holy shrine;
Thine was the strength that nourished ours;
The children of the cross are Thine.

3 While watching on our arms, at night,
We saw Thine angels round us move:
We heard Thy call, we felt Thy light,
And followed, trusting to Thy love.

4 And now, with hymn and prayer we stand,
To give our strength to Thee, great God!
We would redeem Thy holy land,
That land which sin so long has trod.

5 Send us where'er Thou wilt, O Lord,
Through rugged toil and wearying fight;
Thy conquering love shall be our sword,
And faith in Christ our truest might.

6 Send down Thy constant aid, we pray;
Be Thy pure angels with us still;
Thy truth, be that our firmest stay;
Our only rest, to do Thy will.

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