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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

345. 12 & 11s. M. Gaskell. Life in Death.

1 Thanks, thanks unto God! who in mercy hath spoken The truths which have pierced through the spirit's sad gloom; Whose love with the light of its presence hath broken The darkness which hung o'er the desolate tomb.

2 What now shall affright us? A Father almighty
Keeps watch round our footsteps wherever we go;
His mercy is sleepless, -- His wisdom unfailing, --
He knoweth each want and regardeth each woe.

3 Where now is death's terror? he comes as an angel To carry the spirit away to its rest;
The gloom which he weareth is lost in the message
He brings from the Being who loveth us best.

4 May we live ever true to the hopes He hath given, While they shed o'er our path a still holier light; Ever making us nearer and nearer to heaven,
More pure our affections, our spirits more bright.

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