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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

301. P. M. Whittier. The Purpose of Life.

1 Hast thou, 'midst life's empty noises,
Heard the solemn steps of Time,
And the low, mysterious voices
Of another clime?

2 Early hath life's mighty question
Thrilled within thy heart of youth,
With a deep and strong beseeching, --
What, and where, is truth?

3 Not to ease and aimless quiet
Doth the inward answer tend;
But to works of love and duty,
As our being's end.

4 Earnest toil and strong endeavor
Of a spirit which within
Wrestles with familiar evil
And besetting sin;

5 And without, with tireless vigor,
Steady heart, and purpose strong,
In the power of Truth assaileth
Every form of wrong.

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