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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

299. L. M. Anonymous. Not Faithless, But Believing.

1 O, still trust on, if in the heart
A holy inspiration rest, --
Though painful be the chosen part,
With doubts, and fears, and cares opprest!
O, shrink not, brothers, though Christ's call
Demand our youth, our strength, our all!

2 No offering is made in vain;
Some human soul shall feel our love;
E'en weary hours of toil and pain
Shall help to lift our souls above:
And may our recompense be given,
In leading many souls to heaven!

3 And still trust on! with trembling hand,
'Tis ours a little seed to sow;
It springs at the divine command, --
Shall, if God will, to ripeness grow;
Beauty and fragrance it shall bring,
And breathe an everlasting spring.

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