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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

287. C. M. Anonymous. |Neither Do I Condemn Thee.|

1 O, if thy brow, serene and calm,
From earthly stain is free,
View not with scorn the erring one, --
He once was pure like thee.

2 O, if the smiles of love are thine,
Its joyous ecstasy,
Shun not the poor forsaken one, --
He once was loved like thee!

3 And still, 'mid shame, and guilt, and woe,
One Being loves him still,
Who, blessing thee, hath poured on him
The world's extremest ill.

4 He knows the secret lure which led
Those youthful steps astray;
He knows that they who holiest are
Might fall from Him away.

5 Then, with the love of him who said
|Go thou, and sin no more,|
Save, save, the sinner from despair,
And peace and hope restore.

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