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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

191. C. M. *Whittier. The Reformers.

1 O pure Reformers! not in vain
Your trust in human kind;
The good which bloodshed could not gain,
Your peaceful zeal shall find.

2 The truths ye urge are borne abroad
By every wind and tide;
The voice of nature and of God
Speaks out upon your side.

3 The weapons which your hands have found
Are those which Heaven hath wrought,
Light, Truth, and Love, -- your battle-ground,
The free, broad field of Thought.

4 O, may no selfish purpose break
The beauty of your plan,
Nor lie from throne or altar shake
Your steady faith in man.

5 Press on! and if we may not share
The glory of your fight,
We'll ask at least, in earnest prayer,
God's blessing on the Right.

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