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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

183. C. M. Bulfinch. |That They May Be One.|

1 Was it in vain that Jesus prayed
For those he came to save,
When darkly o'er his path was laid
The shadow of the grave?

2 Hath Jesus loved and prayed in vain?
O doubting heart, be still!
Yet holds the Lord his glorious reign,
Despite of wrong and ill.

3 Though nations with their battle-cries
Profane the Almighty's name,
Though bigots to the offended skies
Their own wild wrath proclaim, --

4 Thousands, in every Christian land,
Have never bowed the knee
In worship to the idol-band
Of strife and perfidy.

5 And these are one; -- though some may bend
Before the Virgin's shrine,
While others' prayers and thanks ascend,
Father! alone at Thine, --

6 Yet they are one; if through their hearts
The soul of love be poured,
As swells some strain of various parts,
Yet all in sweet accord.

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