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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

72. 7s. M. Gaskell. The All-Seeing God.

1 Mighty God! the first, the last!
What are ages, in Thy sight,
But as yesterday when past,
Or a watch within the night?

2 All that being ever knew,
Far, far back, ere time had birth,
Stands as clear within Thy view
As the present things of earth.

3 All that being e'er shall know
On, still on, through farthest years,
All eternity can show,
Bright before Thee now appears.

4 In Thine all-embracing sight,
Every change its purpose meets,
Every cloud floats into light,
Every woe its glory greets.

5 Whatsoe'er our lot may be,
Calmly in this thought we'll rest, --
Could we see as Thou dost see,
We should choose it as the best.

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