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The Clementine Homilies by Unknown

Chapter XX.--Another Subject for Discussion Proposed.

When Simon heard this, he said: |Far be it from me to become his or your disciple. For I am not ignorant of what I ought to know; but the inquiries which I made as a learner were made that I may see if you can prove that actual sight is more distinct than apparition. But you spoke according to your own pleasure; you did not prove. And now, to-morrow I shall come to your opinions in regard to God, whom you affirmed to be the framer of the world; and in my discussion with you, I shall show that he is not the highest, nor good, and that your teacher made the same statements as I now do; and I shall prove that you have not understood him.| On saying this he went away, not wishing to listen to what might be said to the propositions which he had laid down.
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