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Thoughts On A Revelation by Samuel John Jerram



Introductory: proposed mode of treating the subject 1-4 1. -- Knowledge of God needful 4 ,, ,, ,, cannot be obtained by direct perception of 5 God
,, ,, ,, cannot be obtained, to a sufficient extent, 6 by exercise of natural faculties
,, ,, ,, cannot be obtained by any implanted idea 6 ,, ,, ,, therefore must be revealed 8 Objection arising from non-universality of a 8 Revelation answered
2. -- Conditions under which a Revelation may be expected 9 to be given
Revelation must have a distinctive character 9 ,, ,, ,, must be authenticated to original recipients 10 ,, ,, ,, cannot convey a perfect knowledge of God 12 ,, ,, ,, must be limited by the object designed 12 ,, ,, ,, must be limited also by the state of 14 knowledge existing at the time when made
,, ,, ,, must be, in some degree, phenomenal 15 Such a Revelation appears to be the only one in 16 accordance with man's position, and also adequate
Words as a medium of Revelation must be limited by 18 ideas already existing, which ideas are also limited by experience
Anthropomorphic notions of God; the Infinite and 19 Absolute
Ideas as a medium of Revelation; ideas and perceptions 20 distinguished, etc.
Perception as a medium of Revelation; not in itself 22 adequate
3. -- Conditions under which a Revelation may be expected 26 to be recorded, etc.
Exact verbal record considered; difference of 26 languages, etc.
Distinction drawn as to meaning of |exact verbal 29 record|
Divine and human elements in a Revelation; variety of 29 style, etc.
Considerations as to the precise manner of recording a 31 Revelation
4. -- Conditions under which a Revelation may be expected 32 to be transmitted
5. -- Some considerations as to the conditions under which 34 a professed Revelation may be properly accepted
Evidence to contemporaries: miracles, doctrines, etc. 34 Evidence to others 37 Observations as to believing: aid derived from others, 37 rapidity of mental processes, intuitions
6. -- Some considerations as to the Bible, as a professed 41 Revelation
Its pure morality, hold on public opinion, etc., mark 43 it out as different from other books
Why a candid spirit is especially needful for the 43 study of it
Its offer of supernatural aid considered 45 Its offer of supernatural aid is in accordance with 46 the general beliefs as to Providence, and prayer

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