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Select Masterpieces Of Biblical Literature by Various


The Volumes of the Modern Reader's Bible referred to in the Table are as follows:

Wisdom Series: four volumes
The Proverbs
Ecclesiastes and The Wisdom of Solomon
The Book of Job


Biblical Idyls

History Series: five volumes
The Exodus
The Judges
The Kings
The Chronicles

Prophecy Series: four volumes
Daniel and the Minor Prophets


To connect the Selections with the Volumes of the Modern Reader's Bible and with the Chapters and Verses of the Ordinary Versions

Modern Reader's Authorised or Revised Bible Version

Volume Page Book Chapter Verse STORY

Genesis 107 I Joseph and his Brethren Genesis XXXVII 1 The Exodus 250 II The Witness of Balaam
to Israel Numbers XXII 2 The Judges 105 III The Crowning of
Abimelech Judges VIII 29 The Judges 122 IV Samson's Wedding Feast Judges XIV 1 The Kings 189 V The Expedition against
Elisha II Kings VI 8 Minor Prophets 15 VI The Dream of the Tree
cut down Daniel IV 1 Minor Prophets 20 VII Belshazzar's Feast Daniel V 1


Deuteronomy 91 I The Oration of Moses at
the Rehearsal of the
Blessing and the Curse Deuteronomy XXVIII 1 Ecclesiastes, 71 II A Discourse on
etc. Immortality and the Wisdom Covenant with Death of Solomon I 12 Isaiah 7 III Isaiah: The Great
Arraignment Isaiah I 2 Isaiah 93 IV Isaiah: The Covenant
with Death Isaiah XXVIII 1 Isaiah 109 V Isaiah: The Utter
Destruction and the Great
Restoration Isaiah XXXIV 1 Ezekiel 79 VI Ezekiel: The Sword of
the Lord Ezekiel XXI 1 Ezekiel 104 VII Ezekiel: Wreck of the Ezekiel XXVII 1 Goodly Ship Tyre,

VIII Prophetic Sentences
Jeremiah 41 Thus saith the Lord: Let
not the wise Jeremiah IX 23 Jeremiah 43 There is none like unto
thee Jeremiah X 6 Jeremiah 71 Thus saith the Lord:
Cursed Jeremiah XVII 5 Jeremiah 127 Behold, the days come Jeremiah XXXI 31


Wisdom Brevities

Proverbs 48 The liberal soul Proverbs XI 25 Proverbs 59 Where no oxen are Proverbs XIV 4 Proverbs 75 He that is slow to anger Proverbs XVI 32 Proverbs 91 It is naught Proverbs XX 14 Proverbs 132 The words of a whisperer Proverbs XXVI 22 Proverbs 133 Boast not thyself Proverbs XXVII 1 Proverbs 43 As vinegar to the teeth Proverbs X 26 Proverbs 85 All the brethren Proverbs XIX 7 Proverbs 94 The getting of treasures Proverbs XXI 6 Proverbs 128 As one that taketh off Proverbs XXV 20 Proverbs 134 Wrath is cruel Proverbs XXVII 4 Proverbs 136 The fining pot Proverbs XXVII 21 Proverbs 108 Epigram: Transitoriness
of Riches, Proverbs XXIII 4 Proverbs 109 Epigram: Hospitality of
the Evil Eye Proverbs XXIII 6 Ecclesiasticus 16 Maxim: My son, if thou
comest Ecclesiasticus II 1 Ecclesiasticus 57 Three Temperance Maxims Ecclesiasticus XVIII 30


Ecclesiasticus 22 i Wisdom's Way with her
Children Ecclesiasticus IV 11 Ecclesiasticus 40 ii Prosperity and
Adversity are from
the Lord Ecclesiasticus XI 11 Ecclesiasticus 58 iii Against Gossip Ecclesiasticus XIX 4 Ecclesiasticus 94 iv On the Tongue Ecclesiasticus XXVIII 12 Ecclesiasticus 42 v Choice of Company Ecclesiasticus XI 29 Ecclesiasticus 129 vi The Wisdom of Business
and the Wisdom of
Leisure Ecclesiasticus XXXVIII 24 Ecclesiastes,
etc. 55 vii Life as a Joy
shadowed by the Judgment Ecclesiastes XI 7


Proverbs 23 i The Sluggard Proverbs VI 6 Ecclesiasticus 70 ii Mourning for the Fool Ecclesiasticus XXII 11 Proverbs 18 iii The Two Paths Proverbs IV 10 Proverbs 13 iv The Creator has made
Wisdom the Supreme
Prize Proverbs III 11
Ecclesiasticus 72 v Watchfulness of Lips
and Heart Ecclesiasticus XXII 27 Ecclesiasticus 13 vi Wisdom and the Fear
of the Lord Ecclesiasticus I 1 Proverbs 27 vii Wisdom and the
Strange Woman Proverbs VII 1


Job 15 I An Elegy of a Broken
Heart Job III 3 Job 107 II The Creator's Joy in
his Creation Job XXXVIII 4 The Exodus 43 III The Song of Moses
and Miriam Exodus XV 1 The Judges 88 IV Deborah's Song Judges V 2 The Judges 244 V David's Lament II Samuel I 19 The Kings 67 VI David's Song of Victory II Samuel XXII 2 Bib. Idyls 13 VII The Bride's
Reminiscences Song of Songs II 8 Jeremiah 175 VIII Jeremiah: The Battle
of Carchemish Jeremiah XLVI 3 Isaiah 190 IX A Song of Zion Redeemed Isaiah LX 1 Isaiah 49 X Isaiah: Doom of Babylon Isaiah XIII 2 Minor Prophets 147 XI Nahum: Doom of Nineveh Nahum I 2


Jeremiah 61 I Rhapsody of the Drought Jeremiah XIV 2 Minor Prophets 157 II Rhapsody of the
Chaldeans Habakkuk I 2 Minor Prophets 77 III Rhapsody of the
Locust Plague Joel I 2 Jeremiah 35 IV The Hurt of the Daughter
of my People Jeremiah VIII 4 Minor Prophets 140 V The Lord's Controversy
before the Mountains Micah VI 1 Isaiah 131 VI Prelude to the Rhapsody
of Zion Redeemed Isaiah XL 1 Isaiah 165 VII Zion Awakened Isaiah LI 1

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