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Conversion Of A High Priest Into A Christian Worker by Meletios Golden


Allow me, dear reader, to say in closing, that it is my sincere opinion that in view of the reasonings and facts presented in the preceding pages, every individual who reads this Book intelligently, and who is in possession of a sound and unprejudiced reason, will come to the conclusion that there is only one religion worth having, and that is the religion by Jesus, of Jesus, for Jesus, which is the revelation of the Bible, Divinely adapted to produce the greatest present and eternal spiritual good to the human family. And if anyone should doubt His power (which, in view of its adaptations and its effects as herein developed, would involve the absurdity of doubting whether an intelligent design had an intelligent designer), still, be the origin of the Gospel of Jesus where it may, in heaven, earth, or hell, the demonstration is conclusive that it is the only religion possible for man, in order to perfect his nature, and restore his lapsed powers to harmony and holiness, which is the only avenue to usefulness and happiness.

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