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A Practical Discourse On Some Principles Of Hymn-singing by Robert Bridges


Sarum use, nine, Nos. Ambrosian, two, Nos.91.100.
Later plain-song, two, Nos.44.45.
HEINRICH ISAAC, 1490, one tune, Nos.82 & 83.
From the Strasbourg Psalter, before 1540, two, Nos.37.72. German of same date, one, No.16.
LOUIS BOURGEOIS, 1550, thirteen, Nos. & 80.88.99 & see 66 & 84.
CHRISTOPHER TYE, 1550, one, No.15.
From Crespin's Psalters, circ.1560, three, Nos.41.84.89. THOMAS TALLIS, 1560, seven, Nos.2.14.54 & From the French Genevan Psalter, after 1560, one, No.92. A setting by CLAUDE GOUDIMEL, 1565, No.88.
English, 16th cent, four, Nos.
Two settings by GEO. KIRBY, 1592, Nos.39.53.
A setting by J. Farmer, 1592, No.87.
A setting by Rd. ALLISON, 1599, No.84.
Italian, 16th cent., one, No.1.
HANS LEONHARD HASSLER, 1600, one, No.62.
THOS. CAMPION, 1613, one, No.36.
ORLANDO GIBBONS, 1623, eight, Nos. HENRY LAWES, 1638, one, No.73.
JOHANN CRUEGER, 1640, four, Nos.
English & Scotch, 1600-1650, seven, Nos. German, 17th cent, two, Nos.69.90.
JEREMY CLARK, 1700, nine, Nos. WILLIAM CROFT, 1710, four, Nos.
English, 18th cent., four, Nos.
J.S.BACH, eight settings, mostly of earlier melodies, Nos.
Seven new tunes by H. E. W., Nos.

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