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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

992. -- The Soldier of the Cross.

992. 8s. & 7s. M. Anonymous. The Soldier of the Cross.

1 Soldier, to the contest pressing,
Onward, let thy watchword be;
God upon thee pours his blessing;
What though man derideth thee!

2 Onward, though the fagot's burning
By thy pathway's only light;
Onward, death and danger spurning;
Onward in the path of right!

3 God, for all thy wants providing,
Armor trusty hath for thee;
Gird thyself, in him confiding,
With the goodly panoply:

4 Righteousness thy breast defending,
And thy feet with justice shod:
Onward; with the foe contending,
Wield thy sword, the word of God.

5 Thine the helmet of salvation,
Faith thy mighty shield shall be;
And let prayer and supplication,
Lance and glorious falchion be;

6 Onward then, with bold contending,
In the path the martyrs trod:
God to thee his strength is lending;
Onward, in the strength of God.

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