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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

945. -- Evening Hymn.

945. L. M. Watts. Evening Hymn.

1 Thus far the Lord has led me on,
Thus far his power prolongs my days!
And every evening shall make known
Some fresh memorial of his grace.

2 Much of my time has run to waste,
And I, perhaps, am near my home;
But he forgives my follies past,
He gives me strength for days to come.

3 I lay my body down to sleep;
Peace is the pillow for my head:
While well appointed angels keep
Their watchful stations round my bed.

4 Faith in his name forbids my fear:
O, may thy presence ne'er depart!
And in the morning make me hear
Thy love and kindness in my heart.

5 And when the night of death shall come,
Still may I trust almighty love, --
The love which triumphs o'er the tomb,
And leads to perfect bliss above.

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