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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

927. -- Religion at Home.

927. L. M.6l. Methodist Coll. Religion at Home.

1 When quiet in my house I sit
Thy book be my companion still;
My joy thy sayings to repeat,
Talk o'er the records of thy will,
And search the oracles divine,
Till every heart-felt word be mine.

2 O may the gracious words divine
Mingled with all my converse be:
So will the Lord his follower join,
And walk and talk himself with me;
So shall my heart his presence prove
And burn with everlasting love.

3 Oft as I lay me down to rest,
O, may the reconciling word
Sweetly compose my weary breast,
While, trusting in my gracious Lord,
I sink in peaceful dreams away,
And visions of eternal day!

4 Rising to sing my Father's praise,
Thee may I publish all day long;
And let thy precious word of grace
Flow from my heart and fill my tongue;
Fill all my life with purest love,
And join me to the church above.

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