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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

896. -- The Same.

896. 7s. M. Anonymous. The Same.

1 Time by moments steals away,
First the hour and then the day;
Small the daily loss appears,
Yet it soon amounts to years.

2 Thus another year is flown;
Now it is no more our own,
If it brought or promised good,
Than the years before the flood.

3 But may none of us forget
It has left us much in debt;
Who can tell the vast amount
Placed to every one's account!

4 Favors, from the Lord received,
Sins, that have his spirit grieved,
Marked by an unerring hand,
In his book recorded stand.

5 If we see another year,
May thy blessing meet us here:
Sun of righteousness, arise,
Warm our hearts and bless our eyes.

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