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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

862. -- Spring-Time.

862. L. M. Fergus. Spring-Time.

1 The spring, the joyous spring is come
With lovely flowers of early bloom;
The warbling birds, on every tree,
Fill all the air with melody.

2 Once more, unsealed, the fountains run,
Sparkling, beneath a brighter sun;
Green leaves and tender herbs arise,
Cheered by the glow of warmer skies.

3 Oh Lord, the changes of the year
At thy Almighty word appear;
And all the seasons, as they roll,
Declare thy name from pole to pole.

4 Spring showers, descending from above,
Bear down glad tidings of thy love,
And every blossom on the tree
Bespeaks our gratitude to thee.

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