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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

755. -- Anniversary of Independence.

755. 7s. & 6s. M. Boston S. S. H. Book. Anniversary of Independence.

1 We come with joy and gladness
To breathe our songs of praise,
Nor let one note of sadness
Be mingled in our lays;
For 'tis a hallowed story,
This theme of freedom's birth:
Our fathers' deeds of glory
Are echoed round the earth.

2 The sound is waxing stronger,
And thrones and nations hear --
Proud men shall rule no longer,
For God the Lord is near:
And he will crush oppression,
And raise the humble mind,
And give the earth's possession
Among the good and kind.

3 And then shall sink the mountains
Where pride and power are crowned,
And peace, like gentle fountains,
Shall shed its pureness round.
O God! we would adore thee,
And in thy shadow rest;
Our fathers bowed before thee,
And trusted and were blest.

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