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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

734. -- The Same.

734. 7s. M. Pratt's Coll. The Same.

1 Go! ye messengers of God,
Like the beams of morning, fly;
Take the wonder-working rod,
Wave the Banner-Cross on high!
Where th' lofty minaret
Gleams along the morning skies,
Wave it till the crescent set,
And the |Star of Jacob| rise.

2 Go! to many a tropic isle,
In the bosom of the deep;
Where the skies forever smile,
And th' oppressed forever weep!
O'er the negro's night of care
Pour the living light of heaven;
Chase away the fiend despair,
Bid him hope to be forgiven!

3 When the golden gates of day
Open on the palmy east,
Wide the bleeding cross display,
Spread the gospel's richest feast:
Circumnavigate the ball,
Visit every soil and sea;
Preach the Cross of Christ to all --
Jesus' love is full and free!

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