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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

728. -- The Same.

728. 7s. & 6s. M. J. G. Adams. The Same.

1 Our Father -- ever living!
Once more thy children come,
In joy and true thanksgiving,
To this their gospel home.
United -- from dissension
Kept by thy goodness free --
Again in glad Convention
Our vows we pay to thee.

2 The Past! Its ways are beaming
With thy sure mercies, Lord --
Thy truth and grace redeeming,
Sent o'er the earth abroad,
The hoary shrines of error
Have cast aside; and free
From darkness, doubt, and terror
Its children come to thee.

3 The Present! Loudly sounding,
Its cheering tones are heard;
Be our full hearts abounding
In its strong Hope and Word!
Be strength and wisdom, Father!
Bestowing what we need,
Truth's harvest-sheaves to gather --
Christ's kingdom here to speed.

4 The Future! Indications
Of mightier works are there: --
Truth's promised revelations;
Thine arm of power made bare;
From sin's dread reign exemption:
Man's life in Christ, divine;
The erring world's redemption;
The glory, Father, thine!

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