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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

600. -- Adieu to a Departed Christian Friend.

600. 7s. & 6s. M. C. Wesley. Adieu to a Departed Christian Friend.

1 Farewell, thou once a mortal,
Our poor, afflicted friend;
Go, pass the heavenly portal,
To God, thy glorious end.

2 The Author of thy being
Hath summoned thee away;
And faith is lost in seeing,
And night in endless day.

3 With those that went before thee,
The saints of ancient days,
Who shine in sacred story,
Thy soul hath found its place.

4 No loss of friends shall grieve thee;
That -- we alone must bear;
They cannot, cannot leave thee,
Thy kind companions there.

5 From all thy care and sorrow
Thou art escaped to-day;
And we shall mount to-morrow,
And soar to thee away.

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