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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

489. -- Prayer for the Christian Temper.

489. C. M. Anonymous. Prayer for the Christian Temper.

1 Almighty Maker! Lord of all!
Of life the only spring!
Creator of unnumbered worlds!
Supreme, Eternal King!

2 Drive from the confines of my heart
Impenitence and pride;
Nor let me, in forbidden paths,
With thoughtless sinners glide.

3 Let not despair nor fell revenge
Be to my bosom known:
Oh! give me tears for others' woes,
And patience for my own.

4 Feed me with necessary food;
I ask not wealth or fame;
Give me an eye to see thy will,
A heart to bless thy name.

5 May still my days serenely pass,
Without remorse or care;
And growing holiness my soul
For life's last hour prepare.

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