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Sermon Podcast | Audio | Video : Christian Books : 459. -- Solomon's Prayer for Wisdom.

Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

459. -- Solomon's Prayer for Wisdom.

459. C. M. Montgomery. Solomon's Prayer for Wisdom.

1 Almighty God! in humble prayer
To thee our souls we lift;
Do thou our waiting minds prepare
For thy most needful gift.

2 We ask not golden streams of wealth
Along our path to flow;
We ask not undecaying health,
Nor length of years below.

3 We ask not honors, which an hour
May bring and take away;
We ask not pleasure, pomp, and power,
Lest we should go astray.

4 We ask for wisdom; -- Lord, impart
The knowledge how to live;
A wise and understanding heart
To all before thee give.

5 The young remember thee in youth,
Before the evil days!
The old be guided by thy truth
In wisdom's pleasant ways!

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