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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

322. -- Kingdom of Christ.

322. L. P. M. H. Ballou. Kingdom of Christ.

1 To Christ, the Son, the Father spake:
Lo, ask of me, and I will make
The heathen to thy sceptre bend;
The utmost parts of all the earth
Are thine inheritance by birth,
And wide thine empire shall extend.

2 Now Jesus waves his sceptre high,
Unfurls his banners in the sky,
While loud the gospel trumpets sound:
His enemies with sore dismay,
Retire in haste and yield the day,
While trophies to the Lord abound.

3 Before him kings and tyrants fall,
Detest their crowns, and on him call,
And he a pardon free doth give:
The world in sin was dead before;
To life the world he will restore,
And in him all the world shall live.

4 O Lord, thy government shall be
Extended wide from sea to sea,
And long thy sceptre thou shalt hold;
As long as sun or moon shall shine,
Thou King of earth shalt reign divine,
The mysteries of thy grace unfold.

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