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Sermon Podcast | Audio | Video : Christian Books : 312. -- The Wilderness Transformed. Is. 41:18, 19.

Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

312. -- The Wilderness Transformed. Is. 41:18, 19.

312. H. M. Doddridge. The Wilderness Transformed. Is.41:18, 19.

1 Amazing, beauteous change!
A world created new!
My thoughts with transport range,
The lovely scene to view:
In all I trace,
The work is thine;
Saviour divine,
Be thine the praise!

2 See crystal fountains play
Amidst the burning sands;
The river's winding way
Shines through the thirsty lands;
New grass is seen,
Its carpet spreads
And o'er the meads
Of living green.

3 Where pointed brambles grew,
Entwined with horrid thorn,
Gay flowers, forever new,
The painted fields adorn;
The blushing rose,
In union fair,
And lily there,
Their sweets disclose.

4 The tyrants of the plain
Their savage chase give o'er;
No more they rend the slain.
And thirst for blood no more;
But infant hands
And lions yoke
Fierce tigers stroke,
In flowery bands.

5 O, when, Almighty Lord,
Shall these glad scenes arise,
To verify thy word,
And bless our wondering eyes?
That earth may raise,
United songs
With all its tongues,
Of ardent praise.

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