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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

287. -- The Universal King.

287. H. M. E. Turner. The Universal King.

1 Come, sing a Saviour's power,
And praise his mighty name;
His wondrous love adore,
And chant his growing fame.
Wide o'er the world a king shall reign,
And righteousness and peace maintain.

2 The sceptre of his grace
He shall forever wield;
His foes, before his face,
To strength divine shall yield:
The conquest of his truth shall show
What an almighty arm can do.

3 His alienated sons,
By sin beguiled, betrayed,
Shall then be born at once,
And willing subjects made:
Such numbers shall his courts adorn
As dew-drops of the vernal morn.

4 His realm shall ever stand,
By liberal things upheld:
And from his bounteous hand
All hearts with joy be filled.
A universe with praise shall own
The countless honors of his throne.

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