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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

218. -- Miracles of Christ.

218. L. M. Butcher. Miracles of Christ.

1 On eyes that never saw the day
Christ pours the bright celestial ray;
And deafened ears, by him unbound,
Catch all the harmony of sound.

2 Lameness takes up its bed, and goes
Rejoicing in the strength that flows
Through every nerve; and, free from pain,
Pours forth to God the grateful strain.

3 The shattered mind his word restores,
And tunes afresh the mental powers;
The dead revive, to life return,
And bid affection cease to mourn.

4 Canst thou, my soul, these wonders trace,
And not admire Jehovah's grace?
Canst thou behold thy Prophet's power,
And not the God he served adore?

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