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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

204. -- Christmas Hymn.

204. S. H. M. T. H. Bayley. Christmas Hymn.

1 No loud avenging voice
Proclaimed Messiah's birth;
The Son of God came down to teach
Humility on earth,
And by his sufferings to efface
The errors of a sinful race.

2 Not on a purple throne,
With gold and jewels crowned,
But in the meanest dwelling place
The precious babe was found:
Yet star-directed sages came,
And kneeling, glorified his name.

3 To shepherds first was shown
The promised boon of heaven,
Who cried, |To us a child is born --
To us a Son is given!|
Death from his mighty throne was hurled,
Faith hailed Salvation to the world.

4 Lord! may thy holy cross
Bear peace from clime to clime,
Till all mankind at length are freed
From sorrow, shame and crime:
Dispel the unbeliever's gloom,
And end the terrors of the tomb!

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