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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

199. -- |Prepare ye the Way of the Lord.|

199. 11s. M. Drummond. |Prepare ye the Way of the Lord.|

1 A voice from the desert comes awful and shrill; The Lord is advancing! prepare ye the way!
The word of Jehovah he comes to fulfil,
And o'er the dark world pour the splendor of day.

2 Bring down the proud mountain though towering to heaven, And be the low valley exalted on high;
The rough path and crooked be made smooth and even, For, Zion! your King, your Redeemer is nigh.

3 The beams of salvation his progress illume;
The lone, dreary wilderness sings of her Lord;
The rose and the myrtle there suddenly bloom,
And the olive of peace spreads its branches abroad.

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