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Hymns For Christian Devotion by J.G. Adams

60. -- The Lord's Day Morning.

60. C. M. Mrs. Bareauld. The Lord's Day Morning.

1 Again the Lord of life and light
Awakes the kindling ray,
Unseals the eyelids of the morn,
And pours increasing day.

2 O what a night was that which wrapped
The heathen world in gloom!
O what a sun which broke, this day,
Triumphant from the tomb!

3 This day be grateful homage paid,
And loud hosannas sung;
Let gladness dwell in every heart,
And praise on every tongue.

4 Ten thousand differing lips shall join
To hail this welcome morn,
Which scatters blessings from its wings
To nations yet unborn.

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Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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