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Moodys Anecdotes And Illustrations by Dwight L. Moody

Moody on |Duty|--How He Loves His Mother.

I have an old mother away down in the Connecticut mountains, and I have been in the habit of going to see her every year for twenty years. Suppose I go there and say, |Mother, you were very kind to me when I was young -- you were very good to me; when father died you worked hard for us all to keep us together, and so I have come to see you because it is my duty.| I went then only because it was my duty. Then she would say to me, |Well, my son, if you only come to see me because it is your duty, you need not come again.| And that is the way with a great many of the servants of God. They work for Him because it is their duty -- not for love. Let us abolish this word duty, and feel that it is only a privilege to work for God, and let us try to remember that what is done merely from a sense of duty is not acceptable to God.

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