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Moodys Anecdotes And Illustrations by Dwight L. Moody

The Dying Boy.

But I have another anecdote to tell. It was Ralph Wallace who told me of this one. A certain gentleman was a member of the Presbyterian Church. His little boy was sick. When he went home his wife was weeping, and she said, |Our boy is dying; he has had a change for the worse. I wish you would go in and see him.| The father went into the room and placed his hand upon the brow of his dying boy, and could feel that the cold, damp sweat was gathering there; that the cold, icy hand of death was feeling for the chords of life. |Do you know, my boy, that you are dying?| asked the father. |Am I? Is this death? Do you really think I am dying?| |Yes, my son, your end on earth is near.| |And will I be with Jesus to-night, father?| |Yes, you will be with the Saviour.| |Father, don't you weep, for when I get there I will go right straight to Jesus and tell Him that you have been trying all my life to lead me to Him.| God has given me two little children, and ever since I can remember I have directed them to Christ, and I would rather they carried this message to Jesus -- that I had tried all my life to lead them to Him -- than have all the crowns of the earth; and I would rather lead them to Jesus than give them the wealth of the world. If you have got a child go and point the way. I challenge any man to speak of heaven without speaking of children. |For of such is the kingdom of heaven.|

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