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Moodys Anecdotes And Illustrations by Dwight L. Moody

Spurgeon's Parable.

Mr. Spurgeon, a number of years ago, made a parable. He thought he had a right to make one, and he did it. He said: |There was once a tyrant who ordered one of his subjects into his presence, and ordered him to make a chain. The poor blacksmith -- that was his occupation -- had to go to work and forge the chain. When it was done he brought it into the presence of the tyrant, and he was ordered to take it away and make it twice the length. He brought it again to the tyrant, and again he was ordered to double it. Back he came when he had obeyed the order, and the tyrant looked at it, and then commanded the servants to bind the man hand and foot with the chain he had made and cast him into prison. |And,| Mr. Spurgeon said, |that is what the devil does with man.| He makes them forge their own chain, and then binds them hand and foot with it, and casts them into outer darkness.| My friends, that is just what these drunkards, these gamblers, these blasphemers -- that is just what every sinner is doing. But, thank God, we can tell you of a deliverer. The Son of God has power to break everyone of these fetters if you will only come to Him.

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Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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