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Moodys Anecdotes And Illustrations by Dwight L. Moody

Geo. H. Stewart Visits a Doomed Criminal.

I remember hearing a story of Mr. George Stewart. One day the Governor of Pennsylvania came to him and said, |Mr. Stewart, I want you to go to such a prison and tell that man for whose execution I signed the warrant the other day, that there is not a ray of hope for him. When the day and hour comes he must be executed. His mother has been tormenting the life out of me; and all his friends have been running after me day and night, and they are giving the poor fellow a false hope.| |That is a very disagreeable thing to do, Governor,| answered Mr. Stewart. |Well, I want you to go and tell him, so that he can be settled in his mind.| The story goes that when the doors of the cell were opened, that prisoner seized Mr. Stewart's hands, and in his joy cried, |You are a good man. I know you have come with a pardon from the Governor.| But when Mr. Stewart told him the Governor had sent him to say there was not a ray of hope for him, that upon the day and hour he must be executed, the man completely broke down and fainted away. The thought that at such a day and such an hour he was going to be ushered into eternity, was too much for the poor fellow. Suppose I come to you to-night and tell you there is not a ray of hope -- that you have broken the law of pardon. How many would say, |I know a great deal better. The blackest sinner on earth Christ can save. He says so.| But, my friends, there is no hope without the deliverance to be free from the bondage of sin.

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