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Moodys Anecdotes And Illustrations by Dwight L. Moody

Two Young Men.

I heard a story about two young men who came to New York City from the country on a visit. They went to the same boarding-house to stay and took a room together. Well, when they came to go to bed each felt ashamed to go down on his knees before his companion first. So they sat watching each other. In fact, to express the situation in one word, they were both cowards -- yes, cowards! But at last one of them mustered up a little courage, and with burning blushes, as if he was about to do something wrong and wicked, he sunk down on his knees to say his prayers. As soon as the second saw that, he also knelt. And then, after they had said their prayers, each waited for the other to get up. When they did manage to get up one said to the other: |I really am glad to see that you knelt; I was afraid of you.| |Well,| said the other, |and I was afraid of you.| So it turned out that both were Christians, and yet they were afraid of each other. You smile at that, but how many times have you done the same thing -- perhaps not in that way, but the same thing in effect. Henceforth, then, be not ashamed, but let everyone know you are His.

The Little Tow-Headed Norwegian.

I remember while in Boston I attended one of the daily prayer meetings. The meetings we had been holding had been almost always addressed by young men. Well, in that meeting a little tow-headed Norwegian boy stood up. He could hardly speak a word of English plain, but he got up and came to the front. He trembled all over and the tears were all trickling down his cheeks, but he spoke out as well as he could and said: |If I tell the world about Jesus, then will He tell the Father about me.| He then took his seat; that was all he said, but I tell you that in those few words he said more than all of them, old and young together. Those few words went straight down into the heart of everyone present. |If I tell the world| -- yes, that's what it means to confess Christ.

[Illustration: Esther Confounding Haman. GUSTAVE DORE. Esther, viii.]

[Illustration: The Angel at the Sepulcher. GUSTAVE DORE. Matthew, xxviii, 1-7.]

The Family that Hooted at Moody.

I remember a family in Chicago that used to hoot at me and my scholars as we passed their house sometimes. One day one of the boys came into the Sunday-school and made light of it, As he went away, I told him I was glad to see him there and hoped he would come again. He came and still made a noise, but I urged him to come the next time, and finally one day he said: |I wish you would pray for me, boys.| That boy came to Christ. He went home and confessed his faith, and it wasn't long before that whole family had found the way into the Kingdom of God.

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