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Moodys Anecdotes And Illustrations by Dwight L. Moody

A Dream.

I heard of a Christian who did not succeed in his work so well as he used to, and he got homesick and wished himself dead. One night he dreamed that he had died, and was carried by the angels to the Eternal City. As he went along the crystal pavement of heaven, he met a man he used to know, and they went walking down the golden streets together. All at once he noticed everyone looking in the same direction, and saw One coming up who was fairer than the sons of men. It was his blessed Redeemer. As the chariot came opposite, He came forth, and beckoning the one friend, placed him in His own chariot-seat, but himself He led aside, and pointing over the battlements of heaven, |Look over yonder,| He said, |What do you see?| |It seems as if I see the dark earth I have come from.| |What else?| |I see men as if they were blindfolded, going over a terrible precipice into a bottomless pit.| |Well,| said He, |Will you remain up here, and enjoy these mansions that I have prepared, or go back to yon dark earth, and warn these men, and tell them about Me and my kingdom, and the rest that remaineth for the people of God?| That man never wished himself dead again. He yearned to live as long as ever he could, to tell men of heaven and of Christ.

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